Tomorrow’s Leaders Nursery

Children can join 'Tomorrow’s Leaders' Nursery from the age of 2 .

Our aim is to provide each child with an outstanding introduction to their education in an exciting, creative and stimulating atmosphere under the supervision of our qualified, caring and highly experienced teachers. he children are given the opportunity to develop in a warm and loving environment where they will learn valuable social skills. Through play and the joy of exploring in a safe and well-equipped setting, they will gain independence and a love of learning.
The nursery is open from 7:45am to 17:30pm every day. Parents may bring their children to the nursery anywhere from two to five days each week.

Throughout the day our dedicated staff are committed to the welfare and development of each individual child.

Children are encouraged to have fun outdoors with bikes, trikes, and ball games. Indoors, the children learn and explore with sand, water, mirrors, computers, dress up, and paints. Reading, story time, and mathematical development are also integral to their time with us.

Children are given sandwiches and drinks throughout the day, and there is a rest area for those who need it.

At Tomorrow's Leaders Nursery, everything here nurtures the growth of your child. From our caring, experienced, professional teachers, to creative, stimulating play time, to educational activities, to a warm and loving social environment, your children will receive a first-rate introduction to their education.